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From: Francesco Rieppi


My name is Francesco Rieppi, and I’m the #1 CASE INTERVIEW COACH in the world by number of CERTIFIED COACHING SESSIONS and 5-STAR REVIEWS.

Yes, that’s right – in the world 🙂 . Here is the proof from PrepLounge.com:

I am an ex-BCG consultant and, over the past 9 years, I have helped hundreds of candidates in their preparation to land offers from McKinsey, BCG, and Bain.

However, this journey has not been an easy one…

In fact, I failed the 1st time I applied at BCG (anyone familiar with an MBB rejection?). When I applied again, I read all of the standard books and did hundreds of cases before my interviews. Even then, I still almost failed to join MBB because I relied only on that material.

I struggled like crazy… but finally, after tens of hours of prep, I got the offer at BCG.

Celebrating with my wife in Tenerife (Canary Islands) before staring at BCG in 2011

When I started to do coaching, I saw people going through the same struggle… Before my coaching, they spent so many hours on case preparation and did not succeed. I though there should be a better way to get an offer from one of the world’s top consulting firms.

I worked hard every day in the last 9 years, and step-by-step created the perfect method that now allows candidates to land offers with 5 sessions of coaching and few hours spent following the routines and material I created.

And thanks to that, this is what people are saying:

"I am writing a review after receiving an offer from an MBB. Francesco has been extremely good in delivering extremely useful materials and conducting interview simulations and adjoining in depth feedback sessions."

Sebastiano - MBB Firm

"Outstanding feedback and fantastic insights into structuring, brainstorming and market sizing. With Francesco's help, I was able to secure an offer from BCG, so his advice definitely pays off!"

Andy - Boston Consulting Group

"Francesco's training session was by far the most useful and thorough practice exercise I have done in my preparation for the case interview.

EDIT: I received offers from McKinsey and Bain. Thanks Francesco."

Pablo - McKinsey & Company | Bain & Company

"Another useful session working through the structuring for different kinds of cases. Helped me to improve my thinking about structuring for some of the more unusual problems in real interviews, and ultimately helped me to get an offer at BCG."

Tom - Boston Consulting Group

"Francesco coached me two different times, the first at the beginning and the second time at the end of my preparation. The last session took place two days before my last round interview with BCG New York and I GOT THE OFFER!!!"

Francesca - Boston Consulting Group

And if you are curious if these are really replicable stories: check here 107 of the hundreds of offers I helped to get in just a few years!

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So… What Is This Perfect Method

(And How Can It Help You Get Your Dream Offer?)

Over the past 8 years, I have spent thousands of hours refining my coaching approach. I sought to create a program that:

  • Shares the ultimate way to structure any question you may get in a case interview
  • Reveals the exact answers to fit questions that only insiders know
  • Tells you the proven words to impress your interviewers in every step of the process

After 3.900+ sessions, I am finally ready to offer you the ultimate case preparation program to achieve all of this and more – the GYM Program. The GYM – Getting You into Management consulting – covers all the key areas of a case interview.

The techniques and methods you will learn in this program have now helped hundreds of people land offers in some of the world’s leading consulting firms.

In the last few years only, I helped to land

More Than 500 Offers in Consulting

In fact, many of the candidates I helped managed to secure MORE THAN ONE OFFER with the MBB firms.

All by applying what they learnt during my coaching sessions! And in case you are wondering, they have…

Secured Offers In Almost Every Consulting Firm You Can Dream Of

And now I want to HELP YOU to master the case interview, so you can get an offer from the firm of your dreams as well! 

Master the Skills to Get
a Top Consulting Offer

When you enroll in the GYM Program… Here Is What We Will Cover In Details


Full Mock Interview - PEI/Fit + Case

This will help you to correct 40-50% of your current mistakes in communication and structuring for a specific case.

In this session we will cover the following and more:

  • The 2 mistakes 80% of people do at the beginning of the case
  • Why people formulate hypotheses in the wrong way and how to fix it
  • The 3 key steps to approach a graph
  • The mistake experienced candidates do when approaching a math question
  • The ultimate way to communicate a structure, so that it always fits the prompt

After the session, our next step will be to have you covered for all the frequent types of cases.

This session will last until you have received a complete feedback and all your questions are satisfied.


Case Structuring - Part 1

Do you feel you don’t know how to structure operations or public sector cases? You are not alone. Many candidates struggle with that.

That’s because the approaches of Cheng or Cosentino don’t work for these cases.

After the first class, we will move to the next level. Before the class, you will receive a set of questions to structure in advance.

We will then cover 3+ different mini-case types, out of those you found more challenging, and see how you can master them.

What we will see is far more effective than the ones you will find in any book out there. I optimized it based on thousands of interviews and it is NOT based on generic frameworks that everyone knows.

In this session we will cover the following and more:

  • Selection of the most challenging questions out of 25 prompts
  • The right way to structure at least 3 types of cases
  • Review of the typical 3 mistakes in communication candidates make
  • Solution drills: the key drivers to impress the interviewer

The type of cases will depend on your performance with the homework.

This session will last until we have covered at least 3 different mini-cases.


Case Structuring - Part 2

During this class we will complete the remaining common cases, working on 4+ mini-cases.

In this session we will cover the following and more:

  • Review of the challenging questions remaining from your homework
  • At least 4 main types of case structure
  • How to identify possible solutions
  • Fine-tuning on your communication

The type of cases will depend on your performance with the homework.

Once completed the session, you will know how to instantly crack 90%+ of all the possible business cases, and have the tools to crack the other 10% as well.


Market Sizing

Do you get stuck if you get a question like “How long did it take to build the Great Wall of China?

What about “I am the Roman emperor and you are my general. How many soldiers do I need to conquer Great Britain?

You can get questions like these in your final round, where cases are less structured – I actually got both questions myself in my finals.

That’s why we will dedicate a full section to cover market sizing and how to avoid common mistakes (a common one is to say that your estimate is based on your experience – one of the typical no-no in market sizing).

Don’t trust those that say market sizing is not predictable: there are 4 types of market sizing structures (and no, they are not the ones listed in Case in Point) and you should know all of them to be sure you have solid knowledge on this part of the interview.

In this session we will cover the following and more:

  • The 4 main types of market sizing you won’t find in any other book or guide
  • The one thing that impress interviewers the most in market sizing
  • The key numbers you need to know to avoid surprises in market sizing
  • Practical examples for each type of market sizing with solutions

Once completed the session, you will know how to instantly crack 90%+ of all the possible market sizing, and have the tools to crack the other 10% as well.

If you are preparing for McKinsey, if you prefer we can do the session on the PEI instead of market sizing, given it is not that common for that firm. Please have a look at the ‘Optional Sessions’ section below.


Full Mock Interview - PEI/Fit + Case

In the last session we will cover a full case applying the knowledge of the previous 4 sessions, working either on:

  • A qualitative case Complex market sizing, or
  • A quantitative case
  • If applicable: review of real questions of your target office (I have a database of 1.500+ real questions asked)

This will be a final round format, thus with more fit focus and pressure.

You can change this session with one completely dedicated to the PEI/fit, if you prefer so.

Tailoring the GYM Program to

your specific needs

I structured the 5 sessions of the GYM so that you can maximize your performance in case interviews.

However, the program is flexible and can be personalized in case you want to cover other areas:

  • Unusual Cases
  • Graphs and Conclusions
  • Fit Questions
  • Written Cases
  • Complex Math Problems
  • McKinsey PEI
  • Additional Full Mock Interviews

We will decided together on the best program for you, because every candidate is different.

You will NOT just get a bundle of 5 sessions

When we start coaching, my goal is not simply to provide you with a good five-hour training for consulting interviews.

My goal is that you succeed, whatever your specific goal in consulting is. As a consequence, you can expect:


Our sessions will last until you are satisfied with all your questions and have received personalized written feedback on your performance - don't worry about the standard time limit.


I will provide you my personal number and will be available for you via Email, Skype or WhatsApp for last-minute doubts after the session, free of charge.


Even after the coaching, you can always reach out to me. We will work together until you have met your final goal. I helped several candidates to clear doubts, choose between multiple offers and negotiate terms - all for free.


I will share with you extra material that you can use for the prep based on your needs, provide a plan for preparation between sessions and connect with my other mentees, so that you can be sure you are using the best possible resources and connections.


Unlike other coaches, I achieved my success rate with all the major consulting firms. You don’t have to worry about being prepared for McKinsey but lacking preparation for BCG. I will share the exact tips to land an offer, personalizing the preparation for your specific target.

Unlock the fastest way to land
your Dream Job in consulting

There is one single metric you should consider when choosing a coach: success rate.

83% of the candidates I coach with my GYM Program move to the next round or get the offer

It’s not a round number, as I count every single candidate and regularly update it (and yes, you should doubt round numbers!). You can check here my 1.400+ 5-star reviews that confirm that.

Here are just a few:

And for those that want to double-check, you can find here some of the last messages I got from my mentees:

Whether you are an undergrad, MBA, PhD or experienced hire, if you have an interview with MBB or any of the companies above, the GYM will offer you the best possible preparation in the market today.

As further proof that my coaching works: 10 current PrepLounge.com experts are candidates I coached. They not only landed offers, but managed to thrive and become experts themselves.

This means that 2% of the best coaches in the world for consulting prep come directly from my training. There are no other coaches in the world that  have accomplished that. If you want to achieve mastery, you are welcome to join them 😉

Discover the Best Method to Land a
Consulting Offer

With the GYM Program you will gain access to all my supporting materials for FREE!

During the sessions, you will receive for FREE the following course material:

  • 49 most common fit questions in consulting interviews
  • 25 business cases and 12 market sizing questions to practice on your own before the second and fourth session
  • 9 frameworks to instantly crack 90%+ of business cases (plus the tools to structure the remaining 10%)
  • 4 frameworks to instantly crack 90%+ of market sizing cases (plus the tools to structure the remaining 10%)
  • 5 written feedbacks of the sessions, with your mistakes and the specific steps to avoid them

Plus, as extra bonus, you will get access for FREE to the following material I created (for some of them, the GYM is the only way to get access):

BONUS #1: 3-month access to previous questions for your target office

Would you like to know in advance the questions they ask in your target office?

I collected for you 1.500+ real case questions from 60+ offices.

These are not Glassdoor questions, but real questions that my previous mentees shared – you won’t find them anywhere online 😉

Available EXCLUSIVELY with the GYM Program.


BONUS #2: Private P2P Platform for Coaching Sessions with GYM Candidates

Would you like to train with experienced peers instead of wasting time with random YouTube videos or candidates who have not done serious prep?

I developed for you a private P2P platform exclusively for GYM Candidates, so that you can train with the best possible peers. 

I will unlock it for you after Session 3 so that everyone has a good foundation.

Available EXCLUSIVELY with the GYM Program.


BONUS #3: 15-video Imbellus Solve Combo

Would you like to WATCH how to crack the most common games of the new McKinsey PSG game?

I created for you 2h+ of video content, where you will discover in 15 videos how to create a chain in 16 minutes and resist 25+ turns in the Plant Defense game.

This is the only McKinsey PSG video guide with 3rd-party verified reviews available in the market today.

Check here to read all the reviews.


BONUS #4: BCG Online Case Software Simulation

Would you like to test yourself in advance with real BCG Chatbot Tests?

I structured for you a software simulation replicating exactly the new BCG Casey Chatbot Interview and One-Way Video Interviews. This tool even includes AI reports on your video performance!

This is the only BCG Chatbot simulation with 3rd-party verified reviews available in the market today.

Check here all the reviews.


BONUS #5: 144-page BCG Online Case Secrets Guide

Would you like to learn the perfect strategy to crack the BCG Online Case?

I compiled for you a 144-pdf guide on every possible question of the BCG Online Case, with 2 additional pdf Chatbot Cases (different from the one of the software simulation).

This is the only BCG Online Case guide with 3rd-party verified reviews available in the market today.

Check here to read all the reviews.


BONUS #6: 138-page McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game Secrets Guide

Would you like to learn the perfect strategy to crack the McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game?

I wrote for you the only pdf guide on all the 5 games of the McKinsey PSG game with 3rd-party verified reviews and step-by-step guidance on how to crack every single game of the McKinsey Solve Game.

Check here to read all the reviews.


BONUS #7: 46-page BCG Potential Test

Would you like to crack every question of the BCG Test and get great practice for the new Online Case?

I structured for you a set of 23 questions (to be completed in 45 minutes) that will covers all challenging question types to give you the real test experience and help you avoid any surprises on the actual test day. 

Check here to read all the reviews.


BONUS #8: 43-page Consulting Industry Cheat Sheet Guide

Do you want to get the essential knowledge of the main sectors in consulting?

I created for you a 43-page guide that covers the essentials of 17 different industries, including key activities, sectors and segments, company examples, and key implications for cases.

Available EXCLUSIVELY with the GYM Program.


BONUS #9: 31-page PEI Cheat Sheet Guide

Do you want to learn how to answer perfectly any questions related to the 3 McKinsey dimensions?

I wrote for you a 31-page guide that details exactly what McKinsey is looking for with the 3 dimensions and how you can best structure your stories to exceed their expectations.

Available EXCLUSIVELY with the GYM Program.


BONUS #10: 31-page Graph Analysis Cheat Sheet Guide

Do you want to learn the must-know process to analyze any graph?

I prepared for you a 31-page guide that details and demonstrates a 3-step approach that will help you correctly read every single graph.

Available EXCLUSIVELY with the GYM Program.


BONUS #11: 20-page Fit Interview Cheat Sheet Guide

Do you want to wow your interviewer with intricately crafted stories before he or she even gives you your case prompt?

I structured for you a 20-page guide containing the key structures and answers for the most common fit questions (different from the PEI).

Available EXCLUSIVELY with the GYM Program.


BONUS #12: GYM Lifetime Inner Circle Membership

GYM Programme Inner Circle

Do you want to exit to PE, VC, CorpStrategy, or any other job after getting into MBB?

I developed for you a network of my Alumni to help with any future career advancement. You will get lifetime access to them for guidance on things like the best exit opportunities after consulting and insider-only tips for your next career step. 

Available EXCLUSIVELY with the GYM Program.


Join the 1%
who make it to
Top Consulting Firms

The 5 sessions together have a value of $3.195, not including the material above, which I normally price at $1.250:

For a Grand Total of $4.445

I am offering For a Limited Time the GYM Program at the
discounted rate of $4.445 $2.399,
with all the material for free, with A
46% discount


Please note that I will increase the rate of the GYM soon. So if you want to secure the current rate book it now before the price goes up!

Oh, and one more thing…


Here Is My

“You’ve Gotta Be Crazy” Guarantee


 If you have invitations and don’t get any offer within 6 months from the last class of the program, I will personally continue to coach you for FREE after that term (one session per month + unlimited support via Skype/WhatsApp/Email) until you get a consulting offer.

If you are thinking “How the hell can you offer this crazy guarantee?”, it is pretty simple: the GYM is so effective that I know I won’t need to offer the extra support. Because, given my success rate is real, I know you WILL get into consulting after the 5 sessions.

That’s why I can offer this, and all the other coaches can’t.

Still not sure? Thinking there is a catch? Let me add something else.

If you tell me before the end of the 1st hour of class that the session was not worth it, I will refund 100% of the program – no questions asked.

Best case: you get the offer you want. 

Worst case: you don’t find the class useful and get 100% money back OR you tell me you didn’t get the offer and I will support you for FREE until you get it. 

Both options are risk-free. You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by joining the GYM program.

The only thing guaranteed not to help you is to NOT take the GYM offer today.

Land your dream job in Consulting

You will find:

  • Many coaches who can tell you that your structure, communication and math are wrong and you should improve
  • Very few coaches that will be able to explain why they are wrong
  • Even fewer that will be able to explain exactly what to do to avoid that mistake in the future
  • A handful that can do all that, and show evidence that what they teach works with proven success (such as this)
  • And none (but me) who will offer FREE coaching until you get an offer and offer a 100% money-back guarantee with the first class, as a real proof that the program works

With the GYM Program, you don’t just get “five sessions”.

You get the knowledge I developed in 3.900 sessions, all condensed in one single program, the proof that it works and the guarantee that I will help you until you land the offer you want.

And that’s what you are investing in.

Any question? Drop me a message in the chat, I will reply within 12 hours.

I look forward to helping you get into the firm of your DREAMS!



P.S. In case you are one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the page, here’s the deal:
I am offering you the BEST and FASTEST case interview preparation program — worth a grand total of $4.445 — at the discounted rate of $4.445 $2.399, with all the material for free. Yes, that’s a 46% discount!

What’s more, if you don’t get an offer within 6 months following an invitation, I will personally continue to coach you for FREE until you get a consulting offer, as guarantee that this program works. Plus, if you tell me before the end of the 1st hour that it was not worth it, I will refund 100% of the program, no questions asked.

So, click the button below and JOIN THE HUNDREDS OF CANDIDATES that I have placed INTO TOP CONSULTING FIRMSI look forward to helping you land your dream offer!


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